Colección Ocadila

Auction 106 – March 29th, 2022

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Lot 243 - Colección Ocadila

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 reales. 1822. Valdivia. (Cal-1436, plate coin). Ve. 18,09 g. Lightly toned. Very rare. Choice VF.

Lot 168 - Colección Ocadila

Charles III (1759-1788). 8 reales. 1770. Potosí. JR. (Cal-1168). Ag. 26,83 g. A very good sample. Scarce in this grade. XF/Almost XF.

8 reales 1749 lima

Lot 153 - Colección Ocadila

Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 reales. 1749. Lima. R. (Cal-445, plate coin). Ag. 27,15 g. Double date, one of them partially visible. Rare. VF.

Lot 88 - Colección Ocadila

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1651. Zaragoza. (Cal-1691, plate coin). Ag. 26,96 g. Old cabinet tone. Very Attractive and round struck, possibly the best specimen known. Very rare. Ex Áureo 24/04/2014, lot 918. XF.

Lot 68 - Colección Ocadila

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1659. Lima. V. (Cal-1247). Ag. 27,33 g. “Star of Lima”. Mintmark L-*-M in center, 8-V to sides. Thick and chunky flan (small diameter) with bold full pillars-and-waves with clear dot-8-V-dot to left and right and L*M (below two dots) above 1659 date in center. Very rare. Almost VF.

Lot 34 - Colección Ocadila

Philip II (1556-1598). 10 reales. Cagliari. C/X-A. (Tauler-705). (Vti-399). (Mir-38). Ag. Surface rust on reverse. Good specimen for this mint. Of the highest rarity in this grade. XF/Almost XF.