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Lot 1392 - World Coins

Portugal. D. Manuel I (1495-1521). 10 cruzados. Lisbon. (Gomes-74.01 var. legend). (Fried-20). Anv.: + I: EMANVEL· R· PORTVGALIE: AL: C: VL· IN: A· D: GVINE / :C· ETHIOPIE: ARABIE: PERSIE: INDE. Rev.: :I:N: :HOC: :SIGNO: VINCES: Cross of the Order of Christ. Au. 35,33 g. Inverted letters “N” on the legend. Slabbed by NGC as AU DETAILS. Reverse tooled. Of the highest rarity. We have no doubt that this coin will garner plenty of attention from collectors. Few coins can be said to embody the dawn of the Age of Discovery more than the gold Portugués do ouro of King Manuel I. Struck from Guinean gold provided by the explorations of Vasco da Gama.

Lot 1149 - Visigothic Coins

Chindasvinto / Recesvinto (649-653). Tremissis. Toleto (Toledo). (R. Pliego-565.b2). (Cnv-437.1, plate coin). (Calicó-1982, 33, plate coin). (Chaves-286 similar). Anv.: + CNSVINOVSRE. Rev.: +RECCESVINOVSRE. Au. 1,57 g. Gorgeous specimen. Of the highest rarity. Ex Caballero de las Yndias Collection. XF.

Lot 1340 - Spanish Monarchy

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 reales. 1812. Morelos. (Cal-1348 var). Ag. 22,56 g. Double circular frame. Rare. VF.

Lot 1110 - Roman Imperial

Trajan. Aureus. 112-113 AD. Rome. (Ric-257). (Calicó-1031). (Bmcre-509). Anv.: IMP TRAIANVS AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: Frontal view of the hexastyle façade of Trajan’s Forum, with central entrance and two alcoves containing statues to either side, an elaborate statue group comprised of facing quadriga between three statues on each side atop the roof; FORVM TRAIAN in exergue. Au. 7,24 g. Rare and among the finest specimens known of this intriguing issue. Perfectly centred and luster. Almost MS/AU.

Lot 1239 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 1 ducaton. 1657. Milano. (Tauler-1946). (Vti-15). Ag. 27,74 g. Magnificent specimen. Very rare in this grade. Ex Aureo 23/01/2002, lot 1099. Almost MS.


Lot 1303 - Spanish Monarchy

Charles III (1759-1788). 8 escudos. 1772. Madrid. PJ. (Cal-1956). (Cal onza-720). Au. 27,06 g. First-year king´s bust. Minor marks. Original luster. Rare, even more so in this grade. Almost MS.

Lot 1083 - Roman Imperatorial

Julius Caesar. Denarius. 54-51 BC. Galia. (Ffc-50). (Craw-443/1). (Cal-640). Anv.: Elephant right, trampling on serpent, CAESAR in exergue. Rev.: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priest’s hat. Ag. 4,09 g. Perfectly centered struck. With some original luster remaining. Rarely encountered this good struck. Almost MS.

Lot 1352 - Spanish Monarchy

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 escudos. 1810. Lima. JP. (Cal-1755). (Cal-1212). Au. 27,01 g. Indigenous bust. Original luster. Rarely encountered this good struck. AU.

Lot 1230 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1661. Potosí. E. (Cal-1428). (Lazaro-164, plate coin). Ag. 26,43 g. “Royal” type. Plugged hole, usual in these issues, otherwise a superb specimen. Very rare, even more in this condition. Ex Aureo Seleccion 2005, lot 149. XF.

Lot 1332 - Spanish Monarchy

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 reales. 1816. Guatemala. M. (Cal-1229). Ag. 27,05 g. Sharply struck with highly reflective surfaces. Magnificent piece. Mint state.