Ancient World Vol. XIII

Auction 109 – May 10th, 2022

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Lot 4736 - Byzantine Empire

John II. Hyperpyron. 1118-1143 AD. Thessalonica. (Sear-1949). Anv.: Christ enthroned facing. Rev.: Facing figure of John, on left, wearing stemma, divitision and loros and holding globus cruciger, being crowned by the Virgin Mary, nimbate, wearing tunic and maphorium. Au. 4,29 g. Almost XF.

Lot 4139 - Celtiberian Coins

Calagurris. Augustus period. Unit. 27 BC – 14 AD. Calahorra (La Rioja). (Abh-415). (Acip-3121). Anv.: MVN. CALAG. IMP. AVGVSTVS. Bare head of Augustus right. Rev.: Bull right, PR. II. VIR. C. MAR. M. VAL above. Ae. 12,40 g. Choice VF.

Lot 4512 - Roman Imperatorial

Augustus. C. Antistius Reginus. Denarius. 13 BC. Rome. (Ffc-233). (Ric-410). (Cal-136). Anv.: CAESAR AVGVSTVS bare head of Augustus right. Rev.: C. ANTISTIVS REGINVS III. VIR. around sacrificial implements. Ag. 3,74 g. Choice VF.


Lot 4550 - Roman Imperial

Nero. Dupondius. 66 AD. Lugdunum. (Ric-I 522). (Bmcre-353). Anv.: IMP•NERO•CAESAR•AVG•P•MAX•TR•P•P•P•, laureate head to right, globe at point of bust. Rev.: VICTORIA AVGVSTI, Victory advancing to left, holding wreath and palm frond; S-C across fields. Ae. 15,37 g. Reverse cleaned oxidation. A good sample. Almost XF/Choice VF.