Auction 115 - Only 10% Buyers Fee

Only 10% Buyer's Fee

Auction 115 – September 20th, 2022

Auction 115 - Only 10% Buyers Fee

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Austria. María Teresa. 1/2 thaler. 1753.

Lot 1107 - World Coins

AustriaMaria Theresa1/2 thaler1753. (Km-1741). Ag13,39 g. Cleaned. F/Almost VF. 

Grecia Antigua. Calabria. Tarentum. Nomos

Lot 10 - Greek Coins

CalabriaTarentumNomos302-280 BCstruck under the magistrates Philiarchos, Sa… and Aga… (HN III 960). (SNG ANS-1052). (Vlasto-675). Anv.: ΦIΛI-APXOΣ Youthful nude jockey on horse standing right, crowning horse with wreath held in right hand; above, ΣΑ. Rev.: TΑΡΑΣ /AΓA Phalanthos seated astride dolphin to left, holding bunch of grapes in right hand and resting left on back of dolphinAg7,83 g. A good sample. XF/Almost XF.

Felipe III (1598-1621). 1 real. Sin fecha. México. F.

Lot 592 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip III (1598-1621)1 realSin fechaMexicoF. (Cal-482). Ag6,89 g. Choice F.

Lot 1169 - World Coins

FranceNapoleon III100 francs1869ParisA. (Km-802.1). (Fried581). Ag32,21 g. Minor marks. Small planchet flaw on obverse. XF.