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peso 1822 santiago resello F7

Lot 278 - Spanish Monarchy

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 1 peso. 1822. Santiago. FI. (Cal-1305). (Km-56). Ag. 26,97 g. F7º crowned countermark for circulation in the Philippines. Nice iridescent patina. Very rare combination. Really appreciated and highly demanded by collectors. Almost XF.

8 escudos 1739 mexico

Lot 224 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip V (1700-1746). 8 escudos. 1739. Mexico. MF. (Cal-2240). (Cal onza-435). Au. 26,97 g. Original luster. Rare in this condition. AU/XF.

Lot 30 - Greek Coins

Kingdom of Macedon. Antigonos III Doson. Tetradracma. 229-221 BC. Amphipolis. (SNG München-1121-3); (SNG Saroglos-933); (SNG Ashmolean-3266); (Dewing-1206). (Sng Cop-6789). Anv.: Head of Poseidon to right, wearing wreath of marine plants . Rev.: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓONOY, Apollo, testing bow in extended right hand, seated to left on prow; monogram below. Ag. 17,74 g. Magnificent piece. Fine style. With some original luster remaining. Rare. Ex Arcipreste de Hita Collection. AU.

1/2 castellano toledo enrique iv

Lot 151 - Medieval Coins

Kingdom of Castille and Leon. Henry IV (1399-1413). 1/2 castellano. Toledo. (Bautista-876.1). (Imperatrix-unlisted). (Momeca-78.86.1). Anv.: + ENRICVS: CARTVS: DEI: GRA. Rev.: + XPS: VINCIT: XPS: REGNAT:. Au. 2,29 g. Citing the king’s ordinal in obverse legend “CARTVS”. Hairlines on reverse. Attractive. A few specimens known. Extremely rare. XF.

Lot 188 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 2 reales. 1662/1/0. Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino. (Cal-946). Ag. 6,89 g. Magnificent piece. Very clear double overdate. The value 2 as Z. Attractive old cabinet patina with wonderful bluish tones on reverse. A magnificent coin and undoubtedly the best known of this very rare cob series. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a wonderful specimen that would be a highlight in any coin collection and will seldom be seen at auction again. XF.

cuba 200 pesos 1993

Lot 320 - World Coins

Cuba. 200 pesos. 1993. La Habana. (Km-542). (Fr-76). Au. 31,10 g. Bolivar & Marti. A popular commemorative issue of the Cuban series, featuring Bolivar and Marti, the fathers of “Americanism”. Highly mirrorlike, with a satisfying rich golden tone to the planchet and a perfect juxtaposition between the satiny devices and surrounding fields. Slabbed by NGC as PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO (Top Pop). Mintage 100.

Lot 194 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1648. Potosí. R (Felipe Ramirez de Arellano). (Cal-unlisted). (Km-19a). Ag. 27,44 g. Extremely rare. Third known specimen, one of them was offered at auction by Daniel F. Sedwick on 01/05/2014 and was sold for more than 9,500 dollars. The one we present here is probably the best known example, for the P-dot-R and date are 100% full and clear, with choice full shield and cross as well. It is also worth mentioning that this assayer R, Felipe Ramirez de Arellano, was summarily executed for his role in the debasement scandal at the Potosi mint. Without marine oxidations, typical of this issue.. Choice VF.

Lot 268 - Spanish Monarchy

Joseph Napoleon (1808-1814). 320 reales. 1810. Madrid. AI. (Cal-54). (Cal onza-1188). Au. 26,94 g. Minor nicks. Attractive. Some original luster remaining. Of the highest rarity. AU.

vender monedas antiguas - 8 reales 1746 mexico

Lot 217 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip V (1700-1746). 8 reales. 1746. Mexico. MF. (Cal-1470). Ag. 26,91 g. Beautiful specimen with lovely tone. Original luster. Very rare in this grade. Slabbed by NGC as MS 63, only 2 finer specimens in the NGC census.