Subasta 119 - World Coins Vol. XIII

World Coins Vol. XIII

Auction 119 – December 12th, 2022

Subasta 119 - World Coins Vol. XIII

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Lot 1314 - Haiti

Haiti. 1 crown. 1811 (Year 8). Restrike Pattern Crown. (Bruce-12). (Km-X12). Ag. Plain Edge. A real beauty, proof strike with a needle sharp strike, lovely iridescent tone and loads of eye appeal. Slabbed by NGC as MS 65, Silver Restrike.

Lot 1616 - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (under Spain). 1854. Philadelphia. (Km-10). Ag. 12,06 g. In 1884 faced with the need to mint currency, the customs of Puerto Rico took foreign coins and countermarked them with a fleur de lis for use on the island. Includes a curious historical document about the coin (06/15/1978). Puncture. Slight patina. Rare. Choice F.


Lot 1737 - U.S. Coins

United States. Medal. 1779. Anv.: VIRTUTIS ET AUDACIE MONUM ET PRAEMIUM. full-length figure of de Fleury, facing three-quarters to the right and wearing ancient armor, a cloak, and carrying a sword and flag. He stands in the ruins of the fort, victorious. In exergue. D. DE FLOURY EQUITI GALLO – PRIMO SUPER MUROS – RESP. AMERIC. D. D. . Rev.: AGGERES PALUDES HOSTES VICTI. Aerial view of the battle, with six ships sailing outside the fort. In exergue STONY-PT · EXPUGN · / XV. JUL·MDCCLXXIX. Ae. 39,87 g. Flat edge. 45mm. Minor scratches and nicks on edge. A few specimens known. Very rare. VF.


Lot 1096 - Bolivia

Bolivia. 1/2 escudo. 1855. Potosí. MJ/FJ. (Km-113). Au. Rectified assayers marks. Slabbed by NGC as AU 58, only 5 finer specimens known in the NGC census.