Spanish Coins Vol. XV

Auction 121 | January 31st – February 1st, 2023


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Lot 466 - Charles II (1665-1700)

Charles II (1665-1700). 8 escudos. Date not visible. Sevilla. M. (Cal-tipo 181). (Tauler-158 similar). Au. 26,84 g. Carelessly struck. Used as a jewelry piece. Very scarce. Choice F. 


Lot 268 - Philip II (1556-1598)

Philip II (1556-1598). 1 real. 1596. Segovia. FE (Juan de Arfe Villafañe). (Cal-253). (Jarabo-Sanahuja-A351). Ag. 3,31 g. Rare. Choice VF.

The assayer of this piece, Juan de Arfe (1535-1603), is probably the most prestigious silversmith of the second half of the 16th century. He described himself as “Sculptor of Silver and Gold”. His best known works were the architectural monstrances he made for the cathedrals of Valladolid, Avila, Burgos, Toledo and Seville, as well as his work at El Escorial.


Lot 1 - Leovigildus (569-586)

Leovigildus (569-586). Tremissis. Toleto (Toledo). (R. Pliego-42c). (Cnv-40.1). (Miles-28a). Anv.: DᴎLIVVICILDVS. Diademed bust with mantle and cross on the chest. Rev.: TOLEDO REX, Potentate cross on four steps; COᴎOB in enxergue. Au. 1,50 g. Magnificent piece. AU.


Lot 429 - Philip IV (1621-1665)

Philip IV (1621-1665). 2 escudos. (1642-1665). Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino. R. (Cal-Type 386). (Tauler-161b similar). (Restrepo-Type 50-25). Au. 6,45 g. Date not visible. Minors scrapes on obverse. Rare. Choice VF. 


Lot 174 - Weights

Weight for 8 reales. Ae. 27,07 g. Countermark of the city coat of arms on the PALMA cartouche, the second A being the “Ave María” monogram. On the sides Fleur de lis and Palm tree. Rare. Choice VF.

Lot 1002 - Elizabeth II (1833-1868)

Elizabeth II (1833-1868). 4 reales. 1839. Madrid. CL. (Cal-446). Ag. 5,90 g. A good sample. Very rare. Choice VF.