Ancient World Vol. XV

Auction 122 | February 28th – March 1st, 2023


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Lot 2706 - Roman Imperial

Lucius Verus. Aureus. 163/164 AD. Rome. (Ric-511). (Ch-157). (Cal-2151). Anv.: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS. laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: REX ARMEN DAT Lucius Verus seated left on platform, between an officer on his right and a soldier on his left; before him on the ground below, Armenian king Sohaemus standing left, raising his right hand to accept the crown placed on his head by Verus; REX ARMEN DAT in exergue. Au. 7,30 g. Rare. Choice VF. 


Lot 2604 - Roman Imperial

Titus. Denarius. 79-81 AD. Rome. (Ric-30). (Rsc-295). Anv.: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M. Laureate head right. Rev.: TR P VIIII IMP XV COS VII P P. Trophy; below, captive kneeling right. Ag. 3,16 g. Scarce. Choice VF.


Lot 2002 - Greek Coins

Attica. Tetradrachm. 454-404 BC. Athens. (Gc-2526). (Sng Cop-31). Anv.: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet ornamented with three olive leaves above visor and spiral palmette on bowl. Rev.: Owl standing to right with head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind, ΑΘΕ before; all within incuse square. Ag. 17,21 g. AU/Almost XF. rás, delante ΑΘΕ. Todo dentro de cuadrado incuso. Ag. 17,21 g. EBC+/EBC-.


Lot 2937 - Roman Imperial

Constantinus I. Siliqua. 326-327 AD. Siscia. (Ric-210). Anv.: Diademed head to right. Rev.: CONSTANTINVS AVG. Victory advancing left, holding wreath in her right hand and palm in her left; SIS en exergo. Ag. 2,94 g. Planchet crack. A good sample yet. Rare. Almost XF/XF.


Lot 2503 - Roman Imperatorial

Augustus. Aureus. 2 BC- 4 AD. Lugdunum. (Ric-I 206). (Bmcre-515). (Cal-176). Anv.: (CAESAR) AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE, laureate head to right. Rev.: AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, Gaius and Lucius Caesar standing facing, each togate and resting hand on shield; spear behind each shield, lituus and simpulum above, C L CAESARES in exergue. Au. 7,81 g. Metal test. Hairline on reverse. Choice VF.


Lot 2532 - Roman Imperial

Livia. Sestertius. 22-23 AD. Rome. (Ric-I 51). (Bmcre-76). (C-6). Anv.: S P Q R IVLIAE AVGVST in three lines above elaborately ornamented carpentum drawn to right by two mules. Rev.: TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST P M TR POT XXIIII around large S • C. Ae. 25,76 g. VF/Almost VF.