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Today we introduce you an extremely rare Dobla of 35 maravedís from Seville mint of Pedro I, that it will be auction in our Floor Auction 30, that will be held on May 29th, 2019 in Madrid. We are facing a unique opportunity for collectors of this type of pieces.

Dobla 35 maravedís Pedro I
Auction 30. Lot 287. Pedro I (1350-1368). Dobla de 35 maravedís. Seville. (Bautista-512 variante). (Tauler-75 variante). Anv.: Busto con capa y corona a izquierda, leyenda +PETRVS:DEI:GRACIA:REX:CASTELLE:ELEGI. Rev.: Cuartelado de castillos y leones con letra S en el primer cuartel sobre S tumbada a derecha, leyenda +PETRVS:DE:GRACIA:REX:CASTELLE:ELEGIO. Au. Specimen of the highest rarity, even more with over mint mark rectified.

"The Engraver's Cover"

We could be facing the first attempt of aureus pieces from the mint of seville in the name of Pedro I. This rare piece has the particularity of the mint mark S which is minted on top of another similar S, but twisted 90º right. The engraver didn´t bother in cover it up, but he left evidence of his intention in making it that way, or maybe he noticed his fail and corrected it.

Afterwards the S mark was placed on the fourth quarter, and that´s how the totality of the numerous pieces which we know from the issuing, were minted.
The last and only “dobla” auctioned up to the date, with the S in the 1st quadrant was in 2012, in the auction from Jesús Vico S.A., 26th June of 2012, lot 235, Archer M.Huntington Collection, with a hammer price of 15.000€. There are some text variants between both pieces. The other known piece until today, is in the M.A.N. of Madrid. So it is a piece of the highest rarity which bonded to its magnificent conservation, makes this piece extremely desired by our medieval period Castilla-Leon collectors.

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