King of Majorca

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Today we introduce you a rare real of Jaime III, King of the people from Majorca, that will be auction in our Floor Auction 50, that will be hold on February 5th, 2020 in Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel in Madrid.
Lot 299. The Crown of Aragon. 1 real. Mallorca. (Cru G-2522). (Cru-555). Anv.: +IA:DEI:GRA:REX:MAIORICAR. Bust facing between rosettes. Rev.: +COMES:ROSIL:ET:CERITANIE. Cross with four rosettes in quadrants inside of multilobed frame. Ag. 3,87 g. Minor areas of weak strike. Very rare. XF.


Rare real from Majorca, which is difficult to be found in such good condition. On the obverse, we see the king’s head with long hair, crowned and with a rosette on each side. This image is inside a lobe with nine arches and roundels outside. All this is inside a pearly frame.

The inscription outside starts with + IA as abbreviation of James and whose free translation would be: James, King of the people from Majorca by God’s Grace. The words are separated by two roses of four petals.

On the reverse, the same ornamentation. In the field, a Latin cross with rosettes in the corners. The inscription refers to the counties of Rousillon and Sardinia.

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