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Kingdom of Castille and Leon. Enrique IV (1454-1474). 1/2 enrique de la silla. Ávila. (Bautista-unlisted). (Abh-unlisted). (Momeca-unlisted). Au. 2,23 g. Gothic A on reverse and Gothic A crowned in obverse field. The only known specimen. This coin does not appear in Manuel Mozo's "La Moneda de Oro Medieva en los Reinos de Castilla y León" neither in any of the Castilian-Leonese coin catalogues. Only the 1/2 enrique is known from Avila, which appears photographed in the catalogue of the Medieval Castilian-Leonese coinage of Bautista Martinez.
We consider that the most interesting detail of this coin, which makes it unique, is the gothic crowned A on the obverse. A similar A only appears on the royal coins of Alfonso de Ávila and would be a precedent to the pieces with a crowned P attributed to Princess Isabella.
In the Medina de Campo sentence of 1465, King Enrique IV was obliged to recognise his brother Alfonso as his successor instead of his daughter Juana, a situation similar to that which occurred in 1468, after Alfonso's death, in the Toros de Guisando Pact where he recognised to Isabel as heir, so that this piece can be dated between 1465 and 1468.
This would suggest that Princess Isabella copies from her brother Alfonso the idea of legitimising herself by minting coins at the mint of Avila.
Another explanation could be that the crowned A corresponds to Princess of Asturias, a title obtained by Isabella at the Toros de Guisando
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