I am Manuel F. Rojas Aponte, Tauler&Fau Ambassador in America.

Consign with Tauler&Fau from America

If you live in America and want your pieces to achieve the best results in the market, contact with confidence our ambassador Manuel F. Rojas Aponte, he will provide you with a free and secure appraisal and will guide you step by step during the process of your consignments with Tauler & Fau.

  • Manuel F. Rojas Aponte
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone / WhatsApp: +58 414-1147415
  • Social Media: @numisubastas

Why Consign with Tauler&Fau?

  • Because we are specialists in Spanish Colonial Coins, Ancient Coins and World Coins.
  • We hold between 2 and 3 auctions per month.
  • We receive 350,000 visits per month on our website.
  • 90-95% of the lots offered are sold.
  • We make the sale settlement after 30 days.

"No object resumes history better than a coin."

- Manuel F. Rojas Aponte -

Why Manuel F. Rojas Aponte?

  • Degree in Political Science, mention in Political Science (2003).

  • Diploma in “Coinage in the Hellenistic World” from the University of Murcia.

Manuel has invaluable years of numismatic experience. He served as a free trader and researcher from 2002 until 2012, when he became founder and president of www.numisubastas.com. From 2013 to date he is partner and hammer of the entities: Numismatica Maracay-bo and Numismatica en Margarita.

  • Vice President of ASOVEN (Venezuelan Numismatic Association) 2019 – 2021.
  • Member and active representative for Venezuela of NUMISCOL (Colombian Numismatists Foundation).
  • Active member of SONUVE (Venezuelan Numismatic Society), which is in the process of re-founding.


  • Life member of the American Numismatic Association.
  • Member of the American Numismatic Society
  • Member of the Association of Friends of the Segovia Mint.
  • Member of the Spanish Numismatic Association
  • Member of the Dominican Numismatic Society


Rojas Aponte has imparted numismatic knowledge through lectures at institutions and events in Venezuela, Colombia and Spain. His articles are published in SONUVE, NUMISCOL and ANE magazines; he is also the author of the book “La Numismatica de los Lazaretos en Venezuela”, with a first edition in Spanish and a second edition in English.



At the end of 2012 the idea of creating a website with the domain www.numisubastas.com, dedicated to numismatic research and trade arose. It was inaugurated, offering all kinds of: coins, medals, tokens, decorations and banknotes collection, but its growth was reflected in such a way, that from 2017 it ventured into the marketing of ancient documents and escripofilia.

Since its creation, the company has been under the direction of Manuel Rojas Aponte, who thanks to his impeccable work, for 17 years has kept it in the market with an outstanding participation and recognition in several numismatic associations in Colombia, Spain, United States, Panama, and Venezuela.