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Today we introduce a rare doubloon “cara de perro” type of Ferdinand VI from Mexico mint, which will be auction in our Floor Auction 30, that it will be held on May 29th, 2019 in Madrid

Fernando VI. 8 escudos 1747 México. Tipo "cara de perro"
Auction 30. Lot 411. Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos. 1747. Mexico. MF. (Cal- 33). (Cal onza- 596). (Tau-596). Au. 26,98 g. "Cara de perro" type. Minor hairlines. Nice exemplaire. Very rare.

"Dog Face" type

Under the reign of Ferdinand VI, in the middle of 18th Century, the mint of Mexico was suffering numerous inconveniences, as damages produced by earthquakes and others because of the ageing of the factory. But the worse of them was the lack of water in the fountain from the main patio, where the mules that worked the mills were supposed to drink. That lack of water also affected the forge and the clippers’ office. 

But despite all these difficulties, the Mint of Mexico kept working at full capacity, and good proof of that was the coining of gold doubloons during the years his reign lasted. The expansion and improvement of the facilites wouldn´t took place until 1771, twelve years after the death of Ferdinand VI.

The doubloon from 1747 which we introduce, shows on the obverse the bust of Ferdinand VI, profile to the right, with rough features (popularly, this type was know as “dog  face”), with curly wig, armour, sash, bow tie, ruffle and the necklace from “the Order of the Golden Fleece”. On the reverse: in the field and surrounded by the necklace from the Order of the Holy Spirit, from which hangs the one from the Order of the Golden Fleece, crowned and cut shield. Quartered: 1st quarter of Castile and León, attached Granada; 2nd, of Catalonia-Aragon, divided by Naples-Sicily. In point: quarters: 1st, from modern Austria; 2nd modern Burgundy; 3rd, from old Burgundy and 4th, Brabant; insert in point, from Flanders, divided by Tyrol.  Above everything, in the abysm, small shield from the house of Borbon-Anjou. To the right of the shield the value 8 between fleurons. To the left, the initials of the assayers, M and F, one over the other, both between fleurons. These initials belong to Manuel de León and Francisco de la Peña Flores, assayers also with Philip V.

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