Ancient World Vol. XII

Auction 103 – February 01st, 2022

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Lot 1114 - Celtiberian Coins

Arekoratas. Denarius. 150-20 BC. Agreda (Soria). (Abh-97). Anv.: Male head right, iberian letters SOS behind. Rev.: Horseman right, holding spear (only one foot visible), below iberian legend AREBOR/ATAS below, in two lines separated by line. Ag. 3,88 g. Very rare. VF/Choice VF.

As Vitelio

Lot 1527 - Roman Imperial

Vitellius. Unit. 69 AD. Tarraco. (Ric-I 41). Anv.: A VITELLIVS IMP GERMAN: Laureate head to left; globe at point of neck . Rev.: CONSENSVS HISPANIARVM S C: Hispania, draped, standing left, holding round shield and two javelins in left hand. Ae. 11,56 g. Metal defect on obverse. Of the highest rarity. Almost VF/VF.

Lot 1369 - Roman Republican

Mamilius. C. Mamilius Limetanus. Denarius. 82 BC. Auxiliary mint of Rome. (Ffc-835). (Craw-362/1). (Cal-920). Anv.: Bust of Mercury right, caduceus behind, letter Z above. Rev.: Ulysses walking right, his dog before, C. MAMIL behind. LIMETAN, (TA interlace) before. Ag. 3,79 g. Choice VF/VF.

Lot 1024 - Greek Coins

Corinthia. Corinth. Stater. 375-300 BC. (Calciati-Pegasi 69 var). Anv.: Pegasos flying to left; Ϙ below. Rev.: Helmeted head of Athena to left; Δ-OI flanking neck; to right marine conch. Ag. 8,51 g. Choice VF.