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4 escudos madrid 1591 felipe II. Ingenio de la Tijera

Lot 145 - Philip II (1556-1598)

Philip II (1556-1598). 4 escudos. 1591. Madrid. C. (Cal-882). (Tauler-4, Plate coin). (Fried-159). Au. 13,57 g. Type “Ingenio de la Tijera”. Only 3 known specimens. Perfect original lustre. Very fine style mintage with a lovely colour. Of the highest rarity and great interesting for the Spanish numismatic history. Superb specimen. Slabbed by NGC as MS 63. It would be a delight for any collector and an excellent opportunity to acquire a wonderful specimen that would be a highlight in any coin collection and we are sure we will not see it offered at auction for many years again.

8 escudos 1728 madrid valor en anverso

Lot 203 - Philip V (1700-1746)

Philip V (1700-1746). 8 escudos. 1728. Madrid. JJ. (Cal-2185). (Cal onza-371). Au. 27,10 g. First bust. Value “E 8” on obverse, flanking the date. Magnificent. Original luster. Extremely rare, no more than 7 specimens known. Slabbed by NGC as AU 55, (Top Pop) the finest and unique specimen registered in the NGC census. Ex Cayón (15/12/2005), lot 4193. This is the first sample of this issue that we have the privilege to offer and we are sure that it will receive a lot of attention.

Lot 253 - Charles III (1759-1788)

Charles III (1759-1788). 8 reales. 1760. Guatemala. P. (Cal-992). Ag. 26,95 g. Superb specimen with full original luster. Soft patina with iridescent tones on the borders. Perfectly defined mintage with full details. Very rare in this state of preservation. Slabbed by NGC as MS 62, (Top Pop), the finest known in the NGC census.

Lot 545 - Gibraltar

Gibraltar. 10 bits (Dollar). (1770-1772). (Km-20, Martinica). (Pridmore-16, Dominica). Ag. 22,64 g. Displaying a heart-shaped Type IV countermark cut on a 8 Reales 1757 Mexico. (Cal-493). Nice old cabinet patina with some bluish tones. Slabbed by NGC as AU 55 (Top Pop), the finest known in the NGC census. Collector’s label preserved. From a private sale in July 1963.

aureo comodo

Lot 46 - Roman Imperial

Commodus. Aureus. 186-187 AD. Rome. (Ric-150). (Calicó-2263). Anv.: M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: HILAR AVG P M TR P XII IMP VIII COS V P P. Hilaritas standing left, holding branch and long palm. Au. 7,24 g. Magnificent specimen with superb details very well defined, beautiful color and original luster. Struck in high relief, intact surfaces and no damage marks. Extremely rare in this grade of preservation, in our opinion Fleur de Coin. We are sure it will attract the attention of all collectors of this period. Slabbed by NGC as Ch MS Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5.

8 escudos guadalajara busto estilizado

Lot 431 - Ferdinand VII (1808-1833)

Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 escudos. 1813. Guadalajara. MR. (Km-163). (Cal-1747). (Cal onza-1203). (Cy-16416). Au. 26,64 g. Bust with different physiognomy. Minor planchet flaw on obverse and minor scratches. No more than 5 or 6 specimens known. Incredibly rare. It was used as a jewel, nevertheless, it is a very complete struck and we have no doubt that this coin will garner plenty of attention from collectors of this period. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a specimen that would be a highlight in any coin collection and will seldom be seen at auction again.

Lot 202 - Philip V (1700-1746)

Philip V (1700-1746). 8 escudos. 1732. Lima. N. (Cal-2146). (Tauler-297). (Cal onza-297). Au. 26,96 g. Double date, the date of the legend with 2 digits. Very choice full cross-lions-castles and pillars-and-waves. L – 8 – N / P – V – A / 7 – 3 – 2. Very rare. Slabbed by NGC as AU 55, second finest specimen in the NGC census. 

Lot 163 - Philip IV (1621-1665)

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1659. Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino. PºRAS. (Calbetó and Yriarte-Plate coin illustrated). (Cal-Unlisted). (Restrepo-M46). Ag. 27,11 g. Glossy dark gray with a single very bold and undoubled strike. The well-centered obverse offers a wealth of crisp detail, including the assayer, date, mintmark, and legend. Peripheral legends are mostly obscured, though hints of letters are visible here and there. The reverse is aligned to the left, but the denomination is visible at the left side and HILIP is crisp at the right. The latest edition of Restrepo lists 1659 as one of four dates of this type that were unlocated, along with 1658, 1660, and 1661. This is the Calbeto plate coin, #1354 on page 387, and is also photographed in Yriarte as the plate coin for Type VII #1200 on page 187. Extremely rare. Ex Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio (11/01/2018), lot 11041. From the Eldorado Collection of Colombian and Ecuadorian Coins. XF.

Lot 134 - Charles-Joanna (1504-1555)

Charles-Joanna (1504-1555). 1 escudo. ND. Sevilla. (Cal-196). (Tauler-24). Anv.: IOANA · ET · KAROLVS. Rev.: HISPANIARVM REGES :: SICILIE. Au. 3,36 g. Magnificent specimen and outstanding eye appeal. Superb full legends and inner details. Shield between S and star. Legend starts at 11 o´clock . Light double strike on the obverse. Perfectly centered struck. Slabbed by NGC as MS 64★ (Top Pop), the finest known in the NGC census. Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection, HSA-7995.

Lot 43 - Roman Imperial

Antoninus Pius. Aureus. 151-152 AD. Rome. (RIC-216 var. drapery on left shoulder). (Calicó-1594a, this coin illustrated). (C-584, laureate only). (BMC-747 var. drapery on l. shoulder). Anv.: IMP CAES T AEL HADR ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: TR POT XV COS IIII. Pax standing l., holding branch and sceptre; in exergue PAX. Au. 7,39 g. Sharply struck in high relief, pleasant color an appearance. A coin in an exceptional state of preservation. Virtually as struck and Fleur de Coin. Slabbed by NGC as Ch MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5. Ex Tkalec 2002, 162 and NAC 52, 2009, 446 sales. This coin is illustrated in The Roman Aurei by X. Calicó. 

cuádruple excelente reyes católicos segovia

Lot 131 - Catholic Kings (1474-1504)

Catholic Kings (1474-1504). 4 excelentes. Segovia. K. (Cal-772). (Tauler-294). Au. 13,96 g. Aqueduct with one row of four arches and two floors above the busts, value 4 and K below. Without marks on reverse. Very rare. Slabbed by NGC as XF 45.

Lot 197 - Philip V (1700-1746)

Philip V (1700-1746). 8 reales. 1738. Potosi. M. (Cal-1508). (Lazaro-289, R3). Ag. 26,51 g. Royal type (galano). An extraordinary specimen with sharply struck, all its visible data, double date and triple assayer. Between 4 and 6 examples known. Very rare, even more in this state of preservation. Ex Áureo (28/06/1990), lot 1145. Slabbed by NGC as AU Details, edge filing. 

Lot 298 - Charles III (1759-1788)

Charles III (1759-1788). 8 escudos. 1773. Madrid. PJ. (Cal-1958). (Cal onza-722 var). Ag. 27,05 g. Pellet between assayers. Minor nick on edge. Original luster. Rarely encountered this good struck. Slabbed by NGC as MS 63. (Top Pop), the finest known in the NGC census.

denario julio cesar elefante

Lot 33 - Roman Imperatorial

Julius Caesar. Denarius. 54-51 BC. Galia. (Ffc-50). (Craw-443/1). (Cal-640). Anv.: Elephant right, trampling on serpent, CAESAR in exergue. Rev.: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priest’s hat. Ag. 3,86 g. Very well-centered struck. Very attractive, exceptional eye appeal. Superb specimen. Rare in this state of preservation. Slabbed by NGC como AU★, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5.