The cognomen Pius

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Today we introduce you a beautiful aureus of Imperator Caesar Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus, known as Antoninus Pius, that will be auction in our Floor Auction 50, that will be hold on February 5th, 2020 in Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel in Madrid.

Lot 225. Antoninus Pius. Aureus. 145-161 d.C. Rome. (Spink-4034). (Ric-158). (Cal-1460). Anv.: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS IIII. Busto laureado a izquierda. Rev.: Anepígrafa. Minerva con Victoria y lanza, apoyada sobre escudo. Au. 7,34 g. Anepigraph on reverse. Pleasant color and appearence. Very rare, even more in this grade. AU. Est...12000,00.


As he ascended to throne, Antoninus turned into Imperator Caesar Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus. One of his first actions as emperor was convincing the Senate of granting divine honours to his predecessor, Hadrian, something the senators had refused to do initially. His efforts to persuade the Senate, so that Hadrian was honoured, were the reason why he was given the cognomen Pius.

Another reason explaining this title was that his father-in-law (Marcus Annius Verus, prefect and consul of Rome)  leant his head on his shoulder as he entered the Senate House. And also because he pardoned the men that Hadrian had condemned to death during his disease.

Beautiful aureus of Antoninus, where the cognomen Pius is included in the inscription on the obverse. Apart from the good condition of this piece, we must mention the magnificent reverse. As it has no inscriptions, the image of Minerva reaches much significance and, as a result, we find ourselves in front of a reverse of great beauty.

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