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Auction 114 – June 29th, 2022

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Medalla de oro grabada por Luis Marchioni representando a Hispania y que sirvió como modelo para las 5 pesetas de 1869

Lot 225 - The Peseta

Centenary of the Peseta (1868-1931). Provisional Government (1868-1871). Gold medal. 1868. (Cal-37). (Vq-14373 var. in gold). Au. 44,32 g. Gold medal that served as a model for the 5 pesetas silver coin of 1869 and 1870. Engraver: Luis Marchionni. Minimal nicks. A very few specimens known. Of the highest rarity. Almost MS.

Lot 100 - Spanish Monarchy

Catholic Kings (1474-1504). 4 excelentes. Segovia. K. (Tauler-294). (Cal-772). Anv.: ✠ FER · NANDVS : ED : ELISABED : REX :. Rev.: SVB : VNBR-A : ALARVM : T ·. Au. Slabbed by NGC as XF 45. Aqueduct with four arches. Value 4.

8 escudos macuquino de oro de Felipe IV acuñado en Madrid en el año 1646 con todos los datos visibles en la moneda

Lot 118 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 escudos. 1646/5. Madrid. A/V/IB. (Cal-1922). (Tauler-31a). (Cal onza-31 var). Au. 26,89 g. A superb specimen for a cob, with all data perfectly visible. Clear overdate and rectified assayers, with choice full inner details and crown as well as full legend on a broad, round flan that extends past the outer border, attractively lustrous. Very bold and lovely all over, and decidedly extremely rare, even more in this magnificent state of preservation. Tauler only reports 2 known specimens, being this the third and undoubtedly the best of all. Almost MS.

Lot 252 - World Coins

France. Louis XIV (1643-1715). Double Louis d´ or. 1703. Paris. A. (Fried-435). (Duplessy-1442). (Gad-261). Au. 13,46 g. Strike scratches. Some original luster remaining. Very rare, even more in this grade. Slabbed by NGC as MS 62. “Top Pop”.

Extraordinario denario de Julio César con elefante y leyenda CAESAR en anverso y los atributos sacerdotales en reverso

Lot 47 - Roman Imperatorial

Julius Caesar. Denarius. 54-51 BC. Galia. (Ffc-50). (Craw-443/1). (Cal-640). Anv.: Elephant right, trampling on serpent, CAESAR in exergue. Rev.: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priest’s hat. Ag. 4,08 g. Sharply struck. Perfectly centered struck. Magnificent piece. Rare in this condition. Almost MS

Lot 18 - Greek Coins

Kingdom of Lydia. Kroisos. Hekte – 1/6 stater. 564-540 BC. Light standard. Sardes. (Walburg group IV, 3). (Webb-6772). Anv.: Confronted foreparts of lion and bull. Rev.: Two incuse square punches of unequal size. Au. 1,35 g. 8 mm. Very well-centered struck. Fine style. Attractive. Very rare. XF/AU.