Ancient World Vol. XVI

Auction 129 | June 22nd, 2023


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Lot 1118 - Celtiberian Coins

Hispanic-Carthaginian Coinage. Dishekel. 237-228 BC. Uncertain mint. (Abh-481). (Acip-542). Anv.: Diademed male head (Hamilcar?) to left, with hanging ties. Rev.: Prow of galley to right, with rostra, oars, two shields on deck and a wreathed forepost, to which is attached a pennant; hippocamp in exergue. Ag. 13,45 g. Test cut. Puncture. Very rare. Choice F.

Lot 1334 - Roman Imperatorial

Octavian with Divus Julius Caesar. Dupondius. 36 BC. Vienna mint in Gaul. (Sng Cop-703-4). (Rpc-517). Anv.: Bare heads of Julius Caesar and Octavian, back to back; •IMP• above, CAESAR below, DIVI IVL downwards to left, DIVI F upwards to right. Rev.: Prow of quinquereme with elaborate superstructure and mast right; CIV above. Ae. 18,23 g. The reverse of this piece could refer to one of several naval actions in 36 BC, but the most likely event to which it alludes is the action on September 3rd, when Agrippa defeated Sextus Pompey in a major naval engagement off Naulochus. VF/Choice VF.


Lot 1440 - Roman Imperial

Marcus Aurelius. Aureus. 165-166 d.C. Rome. (Ric-153). (C-489). Anv.: M ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS, laureate head to right. Rev.: P M TR P XX IMP III COS III, Felicitas standing left, with foot on globe, holding caduceus and cornucopiae. Au. 7,25 g. Used as a jewelry piece. Repaired welding on reverse. XF/Choice VF.


Lot 1268 - Roman Republican

Licinius. P. Licinius Crassus M.F. Denarius. 55 BC. Rome. (Ffc-804). (Craw-430/1). (Cal-890). Anv.: Laureate and diademed bust of Venus draped right, S.C. behind. Rev.: Female figure standing before her horse which she holds by bridle, shield and cuirass at her feet. P. CRASS(VS). M.F. around. Ag. 3,98 g. Gorgeous old cabinet patina. Included collector´s label. XF/AU.