Ancient World Vol. XVIII

Auction 141 | April 22-23, 2024


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Baskunes-Barskunes. Denario.

Lot 205 - Celtiberian Coins

Baskunes-Barskunes. Denarius. 120-20 BC. Pamplona. (Abh-215). (Acip1632). (MIB-87/12b). Anv.: Bearded head right, iberian legend BENKODA behind. Rev.: Horseman right, holding sword, iberian legend BASKUNES below. Ag. 3,96 g. It retains some minor luster. Very attractive. Rare in this condition. Almost XF/XF.

Lot 605 - Roma Imperatorial

Julius Caesar. Denarius. 47-46 BC. Galia. (Ffc-10). (Craw458/1). (Cal-644). Anv.: Diademed head of Venus right. Rev.: CAESAR, Aeneas walking Ieft, carrying Anchises and palladium. Ag. 3,55 g. Very well-centered struck. Old cabinet tone. XF.

Lot 1012 - Roman Imperial

Gratian. Solidus. 374 AD. Trier. (Ric-IX 17g). (Depeyrot43/3). Anv.: D N GRATIANVS P F AVG. Rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: VICTORIA AVGG. Two emperors seated facing, each with one leg draped, together holding globe, Victory above, palm branch between; TROBT in exergue. Au. 4,48 g. Hairline on obverse. Scratch on reverse. Scarce. Choice VF.

Lot 363 - Celtiberian Coins

Sesars. Denarius. 120-20 BC. Area of Aragon. (Abh-2194). (Acip1401). (MIB-84/01a, Plate Coin). Anv.: Bearded head right, iberian letter BON behind. Rev.: Horseman right, holding spear, curved iberian legend SESARS below. Ag. 4,05 g. Rare. Ex Áureo 269 (07/07/2015), lot 52. Choice VF.

Lot 567 - Roman Republican

Saufeia. L. Saufeius. Denarius. 152 BC. Rome. (Ffc-1099). (Craw204/1). (Cal-1245). Anv.: Head of Roma right, X behind. Rev.: Victory in biga right, L. SAVF., (VF interlace), below horses, ROMA in exergue. Ag. 4,05 g. Magnificent piece with a beautiful old cabinet tone. Ex J.A. Herrero (28/05/2008), lot 110. Almost MS.

Lot 2 - Greek Coins

Attica. Athens. Tetradrachm. 454-404 BC. (Gc-2526). (Sng Cop31). (Kroll-8). Anv.: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet ornamented with three olive leaves above visor and spiral palmette on bowl. Rev.: Owl standing to right with head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind, ΑΘΕ before; all within incuse square. Ag. 17,16 g. XF.

Lot 198 - Celtiberian Coins

Arsaos. Denarius. 120-80 BC. Area of Navarra. (Abh-139). (Acip1656). (MIB-85/14c). Anv.: Bearded male head right, dolphin before, plough behind. Rev.: Horseman right, holding bipennis, iberian legend ARSAOS. Ag. 3,55 g. Ex Jesús Vico (08/06/2006), lot 10. Almost XF/Choice VF.

Lot 692 - Roman Imperial

Vespasian. Tetradrachm. 70-71 AD. Antioch. (McAlee-346). (Prieur124). Anv.: AYTOKPA OYЄCΠACIANOC KAICAP CЄBACTOC. Laureate head to right. Rev.: ЄTOYC NЄOY IЄPOY Γ. Eagle standing to left on club with wings spread, holding wreath in beak; palm to left. Ag. 14,71 g. Choice VF.

Lot 858 - Roman Imperial

Elagabalus. Denarius. 218-222 AD. Antioch. (Ric-IV 202). (Bmcre291). (Rsc-306). Anv.: ANTONINVS PIVS FEL AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: VOTA PVBLICA, Emperor standing to left, sacrificing out of patera over lit altar. Ag. 2,59 g. Beautiful old cabinet tone. Large flan. Struck over another coin. Perfectly centered struck. XF.

Lot 499 - Roman Republican

Julius. L. Julius Bursio. Denarius. 85 BC. Auxiliary mint of Rome. (Ffc-767). (Craw352/1a). (Cal-634). Anv.: Bust of Genius (or Apollo Vejovis) right, laureate and winged, trident and behind head of satyr to right. Rev.: Victory in quadriga right, L. IVLI. BVRSIO in exergue. Ag. 4,05 g. Delicate old cabinet tone and original luster. Lovely specimen. Ex J.A. Herrero (10/12/2015), lot 169. AU.

Lot 468 - Roman Republican

Cornelius. L. Cornelius Scipio Asiagenus. Denarius. 106 BC. Rome. (Ffc-615). (Craw311/1a). (Cal-476). Anv.: Laureate head of Jupiter left, letter ·S behind. Rev.: Jupiter in quadriga right, L. SCIP. ASIAG in exergue. Ag. 3,96 g. Soft tone and sharply struck. Ex Soler & Llach 1087 (02/07/2015), lot 147. Almost XF/XF.

Lot 788 - Roman Imperial

Lucius Verus. Denarius. 163-164 AD. Rome. (Ric-III 515). (Bmcre282). (Rsc-229). Anv.: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS, bare head to right. Rev.: TR P IIII IMP II COS II, Mars standing to right, holding spear and resting hand on shield set on ground. Ag. 3,34 g. Gorgeous specimen. Beautiful old cabinet tone. Sligthly iridiscent tone. Scarce in this grade. AU.

Lot 438 - Roman Republican

Caecilius. M. Caecilius Metellus Q.f. Denarius. 82-80 BC. Rome. (Ffc-207). (Craw369/1). (Cal-283). Anv.: Diademed head of Apollo right, ROMA behind, X below chin. Rev.: M. METELLVS Q. F., around Macedonian shield on which elephant’s head, all in laurel-wreath. Ag. 4,04 g. Lightly toned. Very beautiful specimen. Scarce, even more in this grade. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 100 (29/05/2017), lot 1476. XF.

Lot 531 - Roman Republican

Minucius. Q. Minucius Thermus M.f. Denarius. 103 BC. Rome. (Ffc-928). (Craw319/1). (Cal-1029). Anv.: Head of Mars left. Rev.: Two warriors fighting, the one on the left protects fallen comrade, the other wears horned helmet. Q. THERM. M.F., (THE y MF interlace), in exergue. Ag. 3,93g. Well-centered struck. Direct sale from the Philatelic and Numismatic Bolsa (01/22/2010). XF.