2nd Numismatic
Convention of Vigo

Auction 127 – May 12th, 2023


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Lot 2128 - Roman Imperial

Hadrian. Aureus. 119-120 AD. Rome. (Ric-II 3.211). (Bmcre-103). (Cal-1301). Anv.: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: P M TR P COS III, Jupiter standing to right, head facing, with cloak over left shoulder, holding thunderbolt and sceptre. Au. 7,42 g. Slabbed by NGC as XF, strike 5/5, surface 2/5. Fine style. Edge filing.

Lot 2264 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip II (1556-1598). 8 reales. 1597. Granada. M. (Cal-647). (Jarabo-Sanahuja-A052, Plate coin). Ag. 27,06 g. Type “OMNIVM”. Value IIIV.

The only specimen known. Two remains of welding on the obverse that do not affect the beauty of the piece. Same specimen illustrated in the Jarabo-Sanahuja’s specialized catalog of the Habsburg. This is a great opportunity for the collector of this period to acquire a coin that will seldom be offered at auction again. Choice VF.

Lot 2694 - World Coins

Hungary. Franz Joseph I. 20 korona. 1910. Kremnitz. KB. (Km-486). (Fried-2074). Au. 6,76 g. Scarce. XF/AU.

Lot 2303 - Spanish Monarchy

Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1631/0. Toledo. P. (Cal-1673). (Jarabo-Sanahuja-no cita). Ag. 27,23 g. Clear overdate. Unlisted. Almost VF.