Royal and Constitutional Symbols

13 Jan 2020

Today we introduce you an extraordinary silver Essai by Vasselon of one Ecu Constitutionnel, which is royal on the obverse, while constitutional on the reverse, that will be auction in our Floor Auction 50, that will be hold on February 5th, 2020 in Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel in Madrid.

Lot 609. France. Louis XVI. Ecu constitutionnel. 1791. (Mazard-84). Anv.: LOUIS XVI. ROY DES FRANÇOIS. Busto desnudo del rey a izquierda. Rev.: REGNE DE LA LOI. Genio en pie escribiendo la Constitución sobre el fuste de una columna. Gallo a la izquierda y Haz de Lictores y gorro frigio a la derecha. Ag. 29,26 g. Silver Essai by Vasselon. Minor hairlines on the field. Gorgeous and very rare specimen. Almost UNC. Est...4000,00. 

On the obverse, completely monarchic, the portrait of Louis XVI, looking to the left and with his hair tied to the back of the neck with a ribbon; the inscription says: LOUIS XVI ROY DES FRANÇOIS / 1791 (King of the Frenchmen).

The reverse, completely constitucional, full of symbols; the inscription says: REGNE DE LA LOI (Reign of the Law) and, in exergue: 2. D. L. LIB. = L´AN 2 DE LA LIBERTÉ (Year 2 of Freedom).