About us

We combine the experience of the sales professionals with the collectors passion

The project is directed by Jacobo Fau Carranza, numismatist with a long career in the world of auctions, and Rafael Tauler Fesser, entrepreneur, considered one of the most important numismatic collectors on the national scene. For more than 40 years his life has been linked to this hobby with passion, which has led him to possess important collections and numerous numismatic studies. He is the author and editor of "Oro Macuquino", "El Oro de los Reyes Católicos y la Casa de Austria" and " El Oro del Imperio Español en Europa".


Offer the best customer service and adapt us to market needs to acquire prestigious collections. Anticipate the technological changes for new forms of sale.


It aims to be a leading company with the highest level of excellence, internationally recognized with a structure that allows us to grow and consolidate as the main reference for collectors and dealers.

  • Passion for our work and for whom we do it.
  • Ethical behavior and professionalism.
  • Personal attention, cordiality and readiness.
  • Excellence through the service.
  • Transparency and confidentiality.
  • The best conditions.